Where to Find Items in the Game

There are alot of places around town that you can find the items that you are looking for. The places that always have fog in the area are the ones that have fireflies flying around in one area. The places that have them are; highschool bleachers, In the Estates: the pond, the bus stop, southwest fog. In the Cemetery: east fog, second bridge, first and second grave, swamp. In the Salvatore Estate: The Salvatore Pond, The Salvatore fog, Salvatore fog south, Old gazebo, Salvatore fountain. There is a firefly area in the Salvatore woods but does not have any fog yet, the game is still updating things.

In the bleachers I have found: varsity jacket, corsage, Halloween Party Invitation and Miss Mystic Peagant Invitation, Founder's Ball and 50's Dance invitations

In the Grave 1, I have found: Bonnie's dress, Caroline's dress, Stefan's suit, amethyst and gold bracelet

In the Grave 2, I have found: Map pieces 1,3,4, gold and ruby pendant, gold bangle, gold chain, sapphire and amber

Old Gazebo: candles, shovel, flyer, vest, vervain bottle, vervain perfume, vervain shot, vial of vervain

Bus stop: Teardrop ring, calculator, yellow grimoire, heart ring, sky ring, red grimoire

Salvatore Foutain: diamond amulet, platinum amulet, crystal amulet, palm tree, sunflower, Iris, marigold

Pond: Lapis Lazuli Pendent, Lapis Lazuli necklace, Lapis Lazuli Stone, Emerald arm band, Emerald pendent, Emerald necklace, Caroline's ring, Blue grimoire, purple grimoire

East Fog: Serenity Ring, dream ring, tulip, Lapis Lazuli Ring, heart ring, daisy, emerald ring, sky ring, hydrangea, emerald necklace, lily

Southwest Fog: mascot, vervain bomb, gold necklace

Second Bridge: Damon's tux, emerald bracelet, emerald pendant, emerald arm bracelet, emerald ring, emerald necklace, gold necklace, gold bangle